Friday, April 20, 2012

Psycho Emotional Education

You may not have come across this term before, but you can probably guess what it means. Educating people both psychologically and emotionally.

We are accustomed to receiving years of education at basic and advanced levels in many academic subjects; but very rarely will anyone have been educated about themselves. We reach adulthood not knowing why we are the way we are, or what we can do about it. Neither have we learned about inter-personal relationships and how they work, and why they don't; or about how to enrich our lives and ensure greater and sustainable levels of natural happiness.

I believe that the ability to understand, take responsibility for, and to regulate, our emotional state is secondary only to the acquisition of a healthy and robust self-esteem.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Common Class Formats

If you need to take classes for your industry, note that there are a lot of options when it comes to the format of the courses. For example, there are several choices available for continuing education for psychologists. If you are in this industry, you should learn the many options you have when it comes to taking the courses that you need.

One of the most popular choices is online classes. In most cases, this involves watching a video of the teacher lecturing. You are then given either tests to complete or essays to write so you can show what you have learned. You may also have to participate in online discussions with class members. You typically do not have to watch the lectures at a particular time, but you can expect deadlines for all assignments. So, pay attention to these.

Another option you have when you sign up for continuing education for psychologists classes is to take the courses you need over the phone. This usually requires you to listen to lectures, instead of watching them on video. You may also have questions to answer so you can show you have learned the lessons.