Friday, April 20, 2012

Psycho Emotional Education

You may not have come across this term before, but you can probably guess what it means. Educating people both psychologically and emotionally.

We are accustomed to receiving years of education at basic and advanced levels in many academic subjects; but very rarely will anyone have been educated about themselves. We reach adulthood not knowing why we are the way we are, or what we can do about it. Neither have we learned about inter-personal relationships and how they work, and why they don't; or about how to enrich our lives and ensure greater and sustainable levels of natural happiness.

I believe that the ability to understand, take responsibility for, and to regulate, our emotional state is secondary only to the acquisition of a healthy and robust self-esteem.

Our parents, and earlier generations, will not have had any form of 'Psycho-Emotional-Education' themselves - and no-one can pass on to their children what they do not already know, or have, for themselves.

We are all complex beings with our own genetic make-up and innate tendencies, history, experiences, perceptions, preferences, and ways of expressing ourself, and of getting our needs met, or not.

We all experience a range of emotions - which inform us about what is going on for us in our personal 'inner-world', and they also motivate us into action.

Firstly we perceive/see/hear/smell/taste... then we think, imagine, and feel emotions and bodily sensations....and then we behave in a certain way - which is judged to be either positive or negative.

Understanding how our past has shaped us in the present day, and more importantly the choices we now have and the changes that we can make, all serve to empower us, both individually and collectively.

When we can understand our emotions and behaviours we can then shift the focus from the Emotional/Limbic area in our brain, to the brain areas which deal with making sense of things, planning and regulating our moods and behaviours, and of enabling us to have a considered response rather than an emotional reaction to someone or to an event. This process activates the more rational and sensible Adult inside us and helps us to calm and soothe our raw emotional Inner Child - who is running our life most of the time.

In Psycho-Emotional-Education we learn about how our origins have shaped who we now are. We also learn the skills needed to enable us to regulate, balance and better express our emotional state. This all enables us to relate and interact in a better way with other people.

P-E-E represents and offers an all-round-education about the Self - in relation to ourself, and in relationship with others, and with the environment in which we live.

As one person changes the ways in which they think, feel and relate to others; then others in turn are affected by those changes, and can also pass them on... and so the ripple-effect expands.

P-E-E aims to de-mystify therapy and to share with the public some of the relevant and effective theories, skills, techniques and ways of self-expression, and intra-psychic (me-with-me) and interpersonal (me-with-others) ways of relating.

P-E-E represents a brief, inexpensive and yet very effective method of self-knowledge, empowerment and change; and an alternative to counselling-therapy for many people.

It can also be a valuable addition to personal therapy too; as P-E-E offers and enables increased insight, and raised awareness.

I have lost count of the number of new clients I have seen over the years who have told me that they had spent months or years, and a considerable amount of money, elsewhere in counselling; and yet they still had their initial underlying problem(s)!

Talking, and reflecting upon, your anger, anxiety, depression, lack of happiness and fulfilment, your sense of alienation, your relationship problems, your lack of confidence and self-esteem, your poor communication and relating skills, your weight and health problems, your addictions and dysfunctional behaviours; does not change them!

We all need to gain an understanding of why we have such difficulties... and more importantly what we can do to bring about the changes we need and desire.

It is for this fundamental reason that I created 'The Ripple Effect' Process.

One to one personal therapy is preferable in cases of unresolved childhood trauma/abuse/neglect; of pronounced attachment disorder; of acute or prolonged-duration trauma disorder; and for certain personality disorders and some milder forms of mental illness. Personal therapy can be very useful for couples work too when the dynamic of the relationship becomes the 'client'.

Coaching has become a widespread business both in life-coaching and business-coaching; and training courses vary greatly in their quality and relevance. Coaching tends to be cognitively-focussed with goals and strategies - which are important aspects of any individual's life and work.

However we are all much more than just our thinking mind. We have our own 'Life-Script' linked to our powerful sub-conscious mind-set. We have physical bodies, emotions, an Ego, an imagination, our thoughts and ways of expression, as well as our existential and trans-personal facets. We are integrated and comprehensive - and we need an approach to guidance and learning that is also integrated and comprehensive. P-E-E meets this need.

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